Frequently Asked Questions

Major League Darts (MLD) is a new pro dart tour across the US and Canada with the goal to "Create the next North American World Darts Champion".

Play the best players in the US and Canada in fewer events each weekend, get more legs in, and earn more money.

No. Major League Darts (MLD) is a separate new organization that is not affiliated with any other organization at this time.

Major League Darts is affiliated with Dart Players New York (DPNY), King of the Hill (KOTH), and the PDC North American Pro Tour (PDCNAPT). Participants in each of these Affiliate Tour events receive points in the MLD Regional Ranking System.

Major League Darts' (MLD) philosophy is to give the darter the most darting value for their dollar. The more legs ones plays for your entry fee the better. There are many darting events one can choose to attend, and at a MLD event, we want everyone to play as many legs as they can.

No one wants to travel to an event and loose in the first round after playing 2 legs of darts. We want people to get a lot of games for their entry fee.

See 'why a round robin' question for most of the answers.

We want people to feel as though they have gotten their dollars amount when they play in a MLD event. Most people know the general pecking order of darters, and sadly most of us fall in the lower section; we want to give those players an opportunity to win a tournament as well.

It really depends on the size of the round robin group you are in.

You will play a minimum of 17-28 legs (depending on group size) if you lose in the first round of the Consolation bracket.

You will play a minimum of 20-31 legs (depending on group size) if you lose in the first round of the Main bracket.

All Major League Darts are Open events. There are no separate events based on gender at this time.

A MLD "local" event may tag itself as a Womens/Ladies Only event, but that would be at the discretion of the local organizer.

If there are sufficient pre-registrations at a particular MLD Tour Stop for Women, then there is the possibility of having a separate Women's event, but the main event will remain an Open event, and a woman may enter either one.

We love that people are asking this question and want to see a Major League Darts (MLD) Tour Stop come to their area. There is a 3 year rollout plan that has been created to allow a balance of events in the various parts of the countries. MLD is designed as a travel tour and people need to come out of their comfort areas to make it work. We're expecting only 30% participation from the local players, the rest would be from around the countries.

If you are interested in trying out the MLD system before a MLD Tour Stop comes to your area, why not host a MLD "Local" event? Anyone can host one, it doesn't have to be a league or organization.

Major League Darts (MLD) is a new organization that encompasses players that play in many different organizations. Choosing one of the existing ranking systems from a single organization would not makes sense.

The Darts Database Rankings (DBB) includes events from ADO, NFDC, BDO, WDF, PDC, MLD, and almost any other tournament on the planet.

If you have placed in a tournament in the past year, you are in the the DBB. If your country is not associated with your name, please send them an email to get that connected.

Chalkers or Scorers or Markers, whichever term you use are assigned in all Major League Darts events.

No one likes to chalk, but everyone like to complain when they don't have a chalker.

The Round Robin phase of events all have a match order and an assigned chalker for each match.
The knockout phase of events will see the loser of the previous match on that board act as the chalker. The first match in the knockout phase will also have a chalker assigned based on the way the bracket is drawn.

  • Chalking is a requirement of all players
  • All players are assigned to chalk multiple matches throughout the tournament
  • An assigned chalker is responsible for providing a substitute chalker if they are unable to chalk a match
  • Failure to chalk a match or failure to provide a substitute chalker may result in forfeiture from the remaining matches and subsequent events for that day with no refund, along with a non-distribution of any prize money earned.
  • Multiple forfeitures for failure to chalk, or failure to provide a substitute chalker, may result in a ban from future MLD events for a period of 1 year from the date of the last forfeiture

There are no cricket events at Major League Darts (MLD) Tour Stops or "local" tournaments.

Look at the mission statement of MLD: "To Create the Next North American World Darts Champion". 501 is the international game of darts and playing a lot of legs against better players is the goal of all MLD events.

MLD Local events are limited in field size for 2 reasons:

1. Board limitations of the host venues. Remember, these are not designed to be full blown weekend tournaments, they are designed to be played in existing venues with existing boards in 1 day.

2. The purpose of the MLD Local events is to introduce players to the MLD system/format. We want people to enjoy the events/system and to attend the Tour Stops so this new tour can be a success for everyone in North America.

While some venues can accommodate more players, the goal of the locals is introduce players to the MLD format/system and for the Locals to not take a life unto themselves. If you want to play in a field of 160, participate in a Tour Stop.

We are working on a formal set of rules for Major League Darts and are hoping to announce that shortly. In the meantime, we have a quick rules page setup which should address a lot of the basic questions.

Good question. In a nutshell: things cost money, and people are spending a lot of time organizing and setting things up to host these events.

For Local events, half goes to the local tournament organizer/director: posters, their time, and other costs... or how ever they decide to break it down (Shirt for the winner, plaque/Trophies etc) and the other half to MLD: which pays for, paypal and credit card fees, web hosting, domain names, banners, use of logo, Tournament Computer Program, etc.

The payout structure for a MLD "local" event is similar to the MLD Tour Stop payouts except the entry fee is less and the number of players is less.

Everything is percentage based. 90% payout is guaranteed, so it scales with the number of participants.

In a nutshell: Consolation winner gets their entry fee back or last paid spot

So, here is the payouts for a 48 person event.
The total purse would be $2,160

Winner: $435
2nd: $250
Semis: $170
Last 8: $115
Last 16: $75

On a side note with 48 players, you will play a minimum of 21 legs of 501, assuming you lose 0-3 in the first round of the consolation bracket.