Major League Darts 1-Day Local

Want to host a Major League Darts MLD "Local" event?

Anyone can run a MLD local event! Any city, any country, any venue

  • Limited fields, based on the number of boards available (3-10)
  • 1 day event (Open, Ladies, Youth(Under 21) or any combination)
  • Standard entry fee ($50 or £30 or €35, less for the Youth events)
  • Seeded using the current MLD ranking system
  • Assigned Chalkers!
  • Format: modified round robin (15-21 total legs)
    • Open: Best of 11 knockout. Best of 15 final. Best of 5 consolation
    • Ladies: Best of 9 knockout. Best of 11 final. Best of 5 consolation
    • Under 21: Best of 7 knockout. Best of 9 final. Best of 3 consolation
  • MLD provides everything for you: sheets, payout table, software which does the seeding, draws, and placement into knockouts.

Player pre-registration via the MLD website and paypal.
Onsite registration possible if there is space in the field. extra $10 (or equiv) more for onsite.
90% payout: 5% to local organizer, 5% to MLD

3 boards: 8-12 players (1 board as practice)
4 boards: 13-18 players (1 board as practice)
5 boards: 16-24 players (1 board as practice)
6 boards: 14-30 players (1-2 boards as practice)
7 boards: 25-30 players (2 boards as practice)
8 boards: 27-36 players (2 boards as practice)
9 boards: 29-42 players (2 boards as practice)
10+ boards: 32-48 players (2+ boards as practice)

Each of these setups would have the day take around 7 hours.

Venue Buy-In: Since these events will be all day ones, the ability to get the venue to add money should be explored. A suggestion would be for $5 a head. Some Local Tournament Directors are adding the sponsor/venue-add money to the consolation bracket to attract more players.

Making the events into a series
Host multiple local events in a particular State/Province and have an end of the year Champion

Use the MLD Singles as the basis of a full weekend event
Blind Draw on Friday, MLD Singles on Saturday (Ladies, Open, Youth?), Doubles or another Draw on Saturday nite, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Triples, etc on Sunday.

If you would like to host a MLD local event, get in contact with us and we'll work out the details.

You can also fill out the MLD hosting Application (below) and submit it to your Regional Coordinator

MLD_hosting_application.pdf131.45 KB
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